Structural engineering services for the land and marine industries

About us

Drafthouse is a structural engineering company that prepares production designs for construction contractors in the land and marine industries. Our extensive experience in designing restaurants, spas and public premises ensures reliable, high-quality service for companies working on renovation projects and new construction projects. Our work is based on open and effective cooperation. We always aim to find the most optimal overall solution for the design project, in line with jointly defined targets.

Workshop drawings

Our high-quality workshop drawings facilitate cost-effective construction. We work with the client to analyze any potential challenges during the design phase, facilitating construction and manufacturing on the construction site. We are familiar with the demands of the manufacturing industry, and we prepare workshop drawings that suit the construction method. Our designs include bills of materials, which are essential for material procurement.

3D modeling services

We offer the option of modeling and visualizing project in 3D for structural engineering involving geometrically challenging shapes. Modeling is a natural and easy way of visualizing a building project or a product.

Product modeling

We produce CAD drawings when products must be manufactured using CNC machining – for example by bending, turning, milling or cutting. We also design flat pattern layouts for metal sheet parts.